Teaching and Training - The Clínic's Institute of Digestive and Metabolic Diseases

From the Clinical Institute of Digestive and Metabolic Diseases, various training programs are led and, looking to the future, the Institute is committed to teaching through a wide range of programs aimed at future healthcare professionals, both national and international.


One of the main activities of medical professionals is that of teaching the degrees of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering to students. The following specialties are also taught in the MIR Program: digestive system, general surgery of the digestive system, endocrinology and nutrition.

MIR training

A total of 44 residents are trained simultaneously at ICMDM as specialists each year. A teaching coordinator and eight accredited tutors ensure that residents have optimal training in a scientifically stimulating environment. The Institute also welcomes residents from other hospital centers (between 15 and 20 per year), who complete training in specific areas.


Advanced courses allow specific postgraduate learning. Courses are offered in most specific areas of the three specialties of the MIR program. About 45 Spanish and foreign doctors participate each year.

The Institute also participates in the teaching of two official master's specialties of the University of Barcelona:

About 20 Spanish and foreign doctors complete these studies each academic year.

Training for Nursing

The ICMDM participates in the teaching of the Nursing, Nutrition and Physiotherapy degree and in the intermediate degree of Technician in Auxiliary Nursing Care (TCAI).

In terms of specialties, six resident professionals in Family and Community Nursing (FIR) are trained each year.

Postgraduate training includes master's degrees related to the area of the patient in critical condition, diabetes, surgery and nutrition, as well as advanced courses in the area of clinical nutrition, obesity and hepatology.

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