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Mercè Balcells: “People who have an addiction and want to be cured must play an active role in their recovery, otherwise it is impossible"

Eighty per cent of the population of our country has consumed alcohol in the last year.  It is estimated that around 10% are daily drinkers and over 50% meet the criteria of risky consumption with a significant impact on their physical and mental health.  The last population-based survey carried out among secondary school students on their drug use (ESTUDES 2021) puts alcohol consumption among students aged 14 to 18 at 70% in the last year. Twenty-five per cent consume cannabis and it is estimated that 3% of all the students in our country already engage in problematic use of this drug.  We talk to Dr. Mercè Balcells about how the Addictive Behaviour Unit works and, among other things, about how COVID-19 has affected patients with addictions. 

Mercè Balcells
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