Addictions are recurring chronic mental disorders, in other words, periods of uncontrolled consumption are alternated with periods of abstinence, when consumption is abandoned. They generate changes in the brain circuits that cause the person to use substances compulsively, despite the negative physical, psychological, and social consequences. Addictive substances include various drugs such as tobacco, alcohol, tranquillisers, and cannabis derivatives.

Addictions explained in first person

Professionals and patients explain how you live with the disease
And it is absolutely essential that the patient understands that it’s not about quitting the drugs and doing exactly the same as before, but it is about quitting the drugs and adopting a healthy life style.
If you understand that not drinking is forever and that it is a tool to help you live better, you have a lot to gain.

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Antoni Gual Solé
Clara Oliveras Salvà
Hugo López Pelayo
Magalí Andreu
Mireia Graell Gabriel
Pablo Barrio Giménez
Silvia Mondón

Published: 16 September 2019
Updated: 16 September 2019


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