Depressive Disorder

Depressive disorder affects more than 300 million people all over the world, and is the main cause of disability. It has nothing to do with age or social conditions. Sadness, the loss of interest, or lack of concentration are some of the symptoms that characterise this illness. It can be treated, and if treatment is followed correctly, it can lead to a remission of the disorder. Medication and psychotherapy is the cornerstone of the treatment.

Depressive Disorder explained in first person

It’s important to impress on the patient and their family that they don’t have to force themselves to feel happy, to think positive, want to do things, and be cheerful. This is an illness, a disorder. It isn’t something anybody chooses.
A positive message, just what my doctor told me “it’ll take a while, but you won’t always feel like this, we’re here to help.” And it’s true; he was right.

Substantiated information by:

Joana Guarch Domenech
Victor Navarro Odriozola

Published: 3 April 2018
Updated: 3 April 2018


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