The Gynecology Service of the Hospital Clínic is part of the Institute Clínic of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Neonatology. The Service provides the highest level of healthcare to women with gynecological diseases, provides advice for the prevention of these diseases, and promotes activities to emphasize healthful habits for healthy women. The mission of the Service is to offer advanced and individualized (patient-centered) gynecology through the field of modern gynecology, which includes benign disease, gynecological oncology, endocrinology, and reproduction.

The Gynecology Service works so as to be recognized by both society and the medical and scientific community as a center of excellence in gynecology. It offers efficient specialized medical care of the highest level, based on the best available evidence. At the same time, the Service works to develop new programs in order to be a scientific leader in this field of knowledge.

What are we dealing with?

These are the main healthcare issues that are treated in in the Gynecology Service.

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The Gynecology Service of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona has a multidisciplinary team made up of medical, nursing and administration professionals who are able to offer the best healthcare to its patients

Berta Diaz Feijoo Head of Service

Assistive Devices

The healthcare activity of the Gynecology Service is carried out with the following equipment:

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Endometriosis in the first person

Appointment of Dolors, Patient
After the operation, it was amazing. They have saved my life and now I can lead an almost one hundred percent normal life

Pregnancy and Childbirth in the first person

Appointment of Alba, Patient
I felt super comfortable and I remember it as one of the best stages of my life both physically and emotionally.

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