The healthcare activity of the Microbiology Service is divided into the following sections: Bacteriology and Virology, the Laboratory of Parasitology (LaP), and the Laboratory of Emergencies (LaU), which provides care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Service is represented at the CORE of Molecular Biology, where various techniques based on molecular microbiology are performed by the person in charge there.

The Microbiology Service participates in the following unit:

The LaU carries out the serological screening of organ and tissue donors from all over Catalonia, and handles all the analyses that, from the point of view of microbiological diagnosis, are considered urgent.

The Service is part of the Infection Control Commission and the Clinical Program for the Prevention and Control of Infections Related to Health Care and the Optimal Use of Antibiotics.

In addition, it is a Reference Center of the Generalitat de Catalunya for respiratory viruses and emerging viruses, and a WHO Sentinel Center for the influenza virus.

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