Preventing Altitude sickness

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When travelling to a destination located at an altitude higher than the place of origin, or when ascending a mountain, there is a risk of altitude sickness.   

The best way to prevent altitude sickness consists of acclimatising properly. For this, you are advised to: 

camping, tienda de campaña

Not ascend directly, but to ascend gradually by up to 500 metres a day, with an extra day for acclimatisation (sleeping at the same altitude) every 1,000 metres.   

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Drink plenty of liquids (water, juice, herbal tea).  

Two beer mugs crossed out indicating that alcohol is forbidden.

Avoid the consumption of alcohol.   

Exercising person with a down arrow indicating fatigue

Do not engage in intense exercise within the first hours of arriving in a high-altitude destination.   

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If the travel itinerary does not allow gradual ascent, you are advised to consult a doctor to assess the indication of medication to prevent altitude sickness.  


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