LAck of Appetite and Dementia

Reading time: 1 min

People with dementia may lose their appetite as the disease progresses.

Some causes of a lack of appetite

  • Not recognising food. Brightly coloured dishes or shiny tableware can help create greater contrast
  • Problems with teeth. Regular visits to the dentist are important
  • Medication. Some drugs can interfere with a person’s appetite. If you notice any change, it is important to check with the doctor
  • Lack of exercise. A lack of physical exercise can contribute to a lack of appetite. Simple exercises such as walking, washing dishes or folding clothes can help
  • Loss of sense of smell and taste. People with dementia may not recognise the smell and taste of food. Spices can be a good way to enhance the flavour of meals

A balanced diet and good nutrition will have a positive influence on the health of a person with dementia.


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