Accompanying while walking

This can be done in various ways:

  • Place yourself to one side of the elderly person (on the other side of a walking stick, if used), take his or her hand in your far hand and place your other hand around the waist or shoulder. You simply walk with the person, by his or her side
  • Place yourself in front, and place your forearms under the person’s arms, for him or her to hold on to. Your arms will guide and control the other person’s steps
  • If the person tends to lean backwards, place yourself behind. Place your arms under the person’s armpits
  • Remember that there are devices that can be very helpful for added safety

Turning a person in bed:

  • Position yourself on the side of the bed to which the person will be turned
  • Separate the nearest arm to you and fold the other arm over the belly
  • Cross the far leg over the nearer leg
  • Hold the person by the shoulder and hip, and pull towards you
  • Reposition the hip and shoulder
  • Take care with ears, shoulders and elbows to prevent pressure sores


Towards the edge of the bed:

  • Position yourself on the side of the bed to which the person will be moved
  • Pass one arm under the shoulder, holding on to the person by the other armpit
  • Place your other arm under the person’s hips
  • This can be done in three steps. Use your body as a protection barrier

From bed to chair:

  • Bring the chair close to the bed and ensure it is secure
  • Stand on one side of the bed
  • Separate the person’s arm closer to you or fold it over the person’s chest
  • Bring their far leg over on top of the other
  • Place one hand on the person’s shoulder blade and the other on the far knee
  • Begin to move and change direction, bending your legs and blocking the person’s legs with yours
  • Stabilise the person by pushing the knees down to rest his or her feet on the floor
  • Hold by the waist, lift and turn on the fixed leg
  • Stability is key: hold on to something if necessary

Positioning in the chair:

  • Ask the individual to fold his or her arms over the belly and lean forward
  • From behind, take hold of the person’s arms and pull back, until his or her bottom touches the back of the chair

Transfer from sitting to sitting:

  • Position the chair so it is perpendicular to the other chair/WC
  • Place yourself in front and with your feet facing the direction of the turn
  • Wrap your arms around the person or hold securely by his or her belt
  • Move your body backwards to lift him or her from the chair
  • Turn together
  • Lean forwards to bring the person into a sitting position


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