Bites from venomous animals

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Snake, scorpion and spider bites are a significant health issue in certain parts of the planet. They particularly affect the population in rural, isolated areas of Africa, Asia, Central America and South America. Agricultural workers and children tend to be most affected.  

The type of venom varies between different species, and can have different effects on the body. Neurological and muscular effects are common, as well as changes to coagulation.  

The risk to travellers is low as long as the proper preventative measures are followed.  

Ropa de manga larga y zapato cerrado, ropa viaje

Wear long-sleeved clothes and closed shoes with socks

plantas, vegetación, tachado

Do not put your hands in thick vegetation, under stones or in holes. 


Sleep with a mosquito net. Use a lamp when moving around at night.  

cama, lupa

Check your bed before going to sleep, inspect and shake clothes and shoes before using them, check spaces such as sinks and toilets.   


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