Breast Cancer Research Lines

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The future of breast cancer treatment involves offering a technique which is increasingly customised to the individual needs of each patient. There is not just one breast cancer, but rather there are at least four different types that require specific drugs and treatment choices. It is essential to identify each patient's type of breast cancer and then customise the treatment.

Genetic and biological analysis of the tumour means that hormonal therapy can be performed for longer while decreasing the length of chemotherapy, and it may even reduce the need for aggressive surgery or local treatment.

For that matter, biological information about tumours has a direct influence on the development of medicines that will target a specific characteristic of each tumour, such as the presence or absence of HER2 receptors, the presence or absence of oestrogen receptor mutations, whether the androgen receptor is expressed or unexpressed, etc. – information that will be used to adapt today's treatments.

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Aleix Prat Aparicio
Ana Rodríguez García
Bárbara Ádamo
Montserrat Muñoz Mateu

Published: 20 February 2018
Updated: 20 February 2018

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