Symptoms of frontotemporal dementia

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The symptoms of frontotemporal dementias vary greatly, depending on the patient and the stage of the disease. Some of these symptoms may be confused with psychiatric illnesses such as depression or anxiety. The most common symptoms are:

Behavioural and conduct disturbances:

Two different sides of the face representing behavioural disturbances or mood swings

Inappropriate social conduct.

Two faces of the same person, one happy, the other one sad, symbolizing mood swings

Loss of empathy and sensitivity to the feelings of others, with the patient being unable to interpret or imagine other people’s emotions.

Woman who has apathy towards interests and motivations like sport and hobbies

Apathy and loss of interest in and motivation for interests and hobbies.

Older person exercising

Repetitive and compulsive behaviours such as compulsively walking for hours, or performing actions without any established purpose.

Piece of cake

Changes in dietary habits, with an increased preference for sweet foods.

Cognitive difficulty

Executive function disturbances:

Cognitive difficulties when it comes to planning and carrying out complex activities.

Disoriented elderly person with dementia

Language disturbances:

Difficulty understanding words.

Difficulty naming objects.

Slurred speech, problems with pronunciation.

Telegraphic language with grammatical errors.

Person walking with difficulty or less legs sensibility

Motor disturbances:

Problems when walking, more falls.



Muscular weakness

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