Treating goitre at Hospital Clínic

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The Institute Clínic for Digestive and Metabolic Disorders' (ICMDM) outpatient clinic has a thyroid nodule assessment circuit, called the thyroid clinic, where patients with nodular thyroid disease are assessed on a weekly basis. These patients may be referred via a variety of routes. The circuit allows a quick and accurate assessment of the thyroid nodule.   

A thyroid ultrasound is performed and the endocrinology specialist manages the procedure as well as the steps to be followed. In 2019, 384 ultrasound visits were conducted (65 first visits involving ultrasound with puncture, and 319 ultrasounds without puncture). 

In addition, the Radiology Service performs more than 50 ultrasound scans, with or without puncture, every week, which are subsequently sent to be assessed by the primary health care professional, the endocrinologist in the basic care area, or the hospital endocrinologist. A committee organised by the Medical-Surgical Endocrinology Group meets regularly to assess and decide on the treatment of patients suffering this disease.   

Hospital Clínic is a pioneer in several procedures. One speciality is the transaxillary approach to thyroid surgery, and another is the percutaneous ablation of thyroid nodules, either by alcoholisation, laser, radiofrequency or microwaves.   

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Published: 2 June 2021
Updated: 2 June 2021

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