Living with Liver Cancer

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Reduce salt intake

Diet. Eat a balanced, low-salt diet, as liver cancer tends to cause fluid retention in the abdomen. 

Two beer mugs crossed out indicating that alcohol is forbidden.

Alcohol. Alcohol is one of the most damaging substances for the liver and its continued consumption is associated with rapid progression of liver cancer and lower survival. 

Cigarette crossed out on a "no smoking" poster

Tobacco. It is important to quit smoking, as it is linked to a loss of appetite and affects breathing capacity. 

Drug crossed out, treatment suppressed, pill crossed out

Medication. Given that most patients have an associated liver disease, the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories is generally not recommended due to the high risk of kidney failure and developing fluid retention. Similarly, drugs with a hypnotic effect (sleeping pills, antidepressants, etc.) should be used with caution and always under medical supervision. 

Woman doing exercise

Physical activity. Maintain a moderate level of physical activity and, as far as possible, a regular routine. 

Medical consultation

Managing the side effects of systemic treatment. Systemic treatment (targeted therapies) is often associated with side effects, most of them mild, that must be monitored by the medical team. Patients need to be aware of these side effects in order to prevent them or identify them early on, so they may start to receive support treatment.  

Emotional support between two women

Emotional support. There are different patient and family support groups offering advice and support from people who have gone through a similar situation. Ask staff at your health centre about such organisations.  

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Alejandro Forner González
Jordi Bruix Tudo
María Reig Monzón
Neus Llarch Alfonso

Published: 13 May 2020
Updated: 13 May 2020


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