Research into Obesity

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The goal of biomedical research in obesity is to prevent and cure obesity. As a multifactorial disease, research is directed at numerous areas. Currently, great efforts are being made to understand this complex pathology from a biological, physiological and social point of view. The ideal treatment has to decrease the accumulation of adipose tissue, especially in the visceral compartment, and preserve muscle mass with minimal adverse effects.

Progress in obesity research comes mainly from empirical observations and from bariatric surgery that has provided new information on hormonal changes during weight loss. The mechanism of weight loss and remission of comorbidities after different bariatric surgery techniques is under intense investigation, as well as, some hormones and peptides that are considered to be involved in weight loss after bariatric surgery.

Another line of research is the development of better and safer treatments, where basic research will expand the knowledge of the molecular mechanisms of obesity that will lay the groundwork for identifying new and better therapeutic options.

Clinical research

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Alba Andreu Martí
Lilliam Flores Meneses
Silvia Cañizares Alejos

Published: 17 August 2018
Updated: 20 January 2022

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