Symptoms of Optic neuritis

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Optic neuritis usually affects one eye, although in some cases both eyes may be affected. Symptoms tend to appear gradually, over a period of a few days. The main symptoms are: 

Eye with a lightning bolt above it, symbolising pain

Pain: most people with optic neuritis have eye pain that worsens with eye movement. This is sometimes perceived as pain behind the eye. 

Blurred person, representing blurred vision

Blurry vision: most people experience reduced vision that appears within hours or days, and usually recovers within a few weeks. The degree of vision loss varies, and in some cases may be permanent. 

Vision with black spots or blind spots

Loss of visual field: dark areas may appear in any part of the visual field, but often in the central zone.

Loss of color vision

Loss of colour vision: optic neuritis often affects colour perception. Colours may appear dulled, as if there was less light.  

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