Frequently asked questions about Optic Neuritis

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I have optic neuritis. Will I recover my vision?

Most patients with neuritis recover their vision within a few weeks. It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions to ensure good visual recovery. Treatment with high doses of corticosteroids usually speeds up recovery.  

I have neuritis in one eye. Am I at risk of getting it in the other eye?

About 25% of patients who have neuritis in one eye will also have a flare-up of neuritis in the other eye over the course of their lives.  

What will I notice if I have neuritis?

The two main symptoms are pain when moving the eye and blurry vision. There may also be a change in your colour perception, with colours appearing duller. Sometimes the pain appears before visual loss.  

What is my risk of developing multiple sclerosis if I have suffered from neuritis?

About 50% of patients with neuritis have or will develop multiple sclerosis over the course of their life.  

What tests are needed to diagnose neuritis?

The most important test is the ophthalmic exam, which is usually accompanied by a complete blood test and an MRI.  

What treatment will I have to undergo?

The most common treatment nowadays is to take a high dose of corticosteroids (either orally or intravenously) for 3 days in a row.  

Can vision loss caused by neuritis be corrected by wearing glasses?

No, neuritis is an inflammation of the optic nerve. The blurred vision it causes does not improve with wearing glasses, or changing your lens prescription.  

Is there research into neuritis?

Yes, both in Spain and internationally. Data has been collected from patients with neuritis at Hospital Clínic for many years in order to learn more about this disease.  

Which doctors will I have to visit?

Patients with neuritis are seen by neuro-ophthalmologists and neurologists, as it is a disease of the optic nerve, the connection between the eye and the brain.  

Will I be able to live the life I led before having neuritis?

Most patients recover their vision and are able to continue the life they were leading before having neuritis. 

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