Where is it done?

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Depending on the route of administration chosen for chemotherapy, it is received in:  

  • Oncology day hospital: This is a specific chemotherapy treatment unit for cancer patients where specialised nursing teams are in charge of intravenous administration of the treatment. Couches or beds are available for the comfort of patients who are allowed to bring laptops, tablets, books or magazines to pass the time.  
  • Clinical Trial Unit (Inther Unit): If treatment is received as part of a clinical trial, it is administered in this unit, which is very similar to the day hospital.  

  • At home: For chemotherapy taken orally (e.g., tablets or capsules), patients have to pick the medication up at the hospital pharmacy and take it at home following the regimen specified (e.g., dose, frequency, need for fasting) by their reference team.

Substantiated information by:

Laura Ferrer Mileo

Published: 15 November 2021
Updated: 15 November 2021


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