What preparations are needed?

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Before starting chemotherapy for the first time, the referring nursing team will summon the patient to a health education visit. As the name suggests, this visit will explain how the chemotherapy chosen is expected to work. For example, possible side effects and how to prevent or treat them; infusion time in the day hospital; if fasting is required; or if it can be taken before or after eating, in the case of an oral chemo.  

Also, for intravenous chemotherapy, the nursing professionals will assess the condition of the patient's veins to determine if it is necessary to place a device (PICC or port-a-cath). This is done if it is anticipated there may be difficulties in performing tests and treatment for venous access.  

On the day of chemotherapy, patients should follow the instructions given by their referral team. For example, some chemotherapy drugs require prophylactic medication to be taken a few hours or days before, due to nausea or to avoid allergies.

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Laura Ferrer Mileo

Published: 15 November 2021
Updated: 15 November 2021


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