The research activity of the Clinical Pharmacology Service is carried out through the Transversal Research Group Area of the August Pi Sunyer Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBAPS).

The research activities of the Service focus on the following lines of research:

  • Clinical research ethics. This line of research falls within the scope of research in research, that is to say, research into the quality and extent and context of the application of current ethical principles to clinical research projects. It is developed in group studies and as a support for researchers offered by the Technical Secretariat of the CEIm, integrated within the Technical Secretariat for Research Support (Medicine Area).
  • Clinical trials, design, methodology and statistical support for clinical research. This line is focused on optimizing the methodological and statistical support provided to clinical research in order to enhance it, both in an academic field and in studies promoted by the pharmaceutical industry. It is developed within the framework of the Clinical Trials Unit and the Medical Statistics Platform of the IDIBAPS.
  • Coordination of multinational projects and research networks (ECRIN/SCReN). The team actively collaborates in national clinical research networks, such as SCReN, or international networks, such as ECRIN, for the realization of multi-centre clinical research projects on a national and international scale.
  • Pharmacovigilance. Within the multidisciplinary Pharmacovigilance group, the team conducts research on the molecular and pathophysiological mechanisms of adverse drug reactions, as well as on the implementation of active pharmacovigilance systems that allow optimizing the detection of adverse drug reactions in a real clinical practice context.
  • Pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics. The team collaborates with the Pharmacology unit of the University of Barcelona, which carries out studies to relate genetics to the actions and response to the action of medicines.

Finally, the team participates in the trial monitoring committees known as Data and Safety Supervision Committees (DSMB), responsible for externally monitoring the course of the trials and deciding whether to continue them over time.