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The research of the Medical Oncology Service aims to increase the store of knowledge that will help in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of oncological diseases. Today, despite advances in oncology, cancer is the leading cause of death among the population.

The research of the service is carried out mainly through the August Pi Sunyer Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBAPS), in the area of Oncology and Hematology.

The service leads several research activities in the following areas:

  • Clinical research. The service has a phase I, II, III clinical trial unit. This team is made up of medical oncology professionals, data managers, and specialist nursing and administrative staff. During the treatment period within a clinical trial, the patient has regular telephone contact with the trial coordinator, who is in charge of organizing and scheduling the tests or procedures required for a successful completion of the trial.

A clinical trial is a type of research study in which the patient decides to participate. Clinical trials help to improve aspects related to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a disease as complex as cancer.

The Clinical Trials Unit works hand-in-hand with the Hematology Service. In the first half of 2018, 65% of the activity (3,892 sessions out of 5,976) of the Clinical Trials Unit of the ICMHO was carried out by the Oncology Service.

The annual recruitment of patients in phase I-III clinical trials (observational cases not included), from 2014 to 2017, has increased by 44% (from 180 to 260 patients).

  • Translational research. The Service has oncologists working in the research laboratories of:
  • Translational genomics and targeted therapies in solid tumours

    Mediante la utilización de datos genómicos y moleculares, el equipo del laboratorio guía el diseño de ensayos clínicos y el desarrollo de biomarcadores. A partir de modelos preclínicos del cáncer, se estudian mecanismos moleculares de sensibilidad y resistencia farmacológica con el objetivo de identificar los tratamientos óptimos para los pacientes con tumores sólidos.

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