The staff of the CORE Molecular Biology Laboratory of the Clinic participates in teaching programs in the various areas of its competence. The aim is to provide the necessary knowledge for the training of professionals interested in the different areas of diagnostic laboratories, especially in the area of molecular biology.

Due to the innovative nature of the laboratory, scheduled and systematic visits to other hospitals are organized, as well as to the diagnostic industry. This forms part of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs in which the CORE Molecular Biology Laboratory participates.


The laboratory has professors associated with the departments of biomedicine (Genetics Unit), who coordinate and teach classes in the degrees of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Barcelona.

Postgraduate and master's degrees

The laboratory participates in the teaching of the Master's in Translational Medicine and Advanced Medical Skills.

Continuing education

The laboratory organizes its own training to update the knowledge of technical and medical staff. It also participates in programs organized at the CBD and the hospital itself, as well as in the various activities and conferences organized by scientific societies.

Teaching of technical staff

The technical staff of the laboratory participates in the practical training of the students of the Higher Technical Degree of Laboratory.