The research activity of the Pathological Anatomy Service has generated more than 700 publications in recent years, most of them in first-quartile impact journals. The Service has a well-established basic research culture and tradition. It has generated a research infrastructure that has resulted in almost 80% of the residents who finish it carrying out a research project at the institution and obtaining a PhD.

The research of the Pathological Anatomy Service is carried out through ISGlobal and the August Pi Sunyer Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBAPS).

IDIBAPS research is carried out in the areas of Respiratory, Cardiovascular and Renal Biopathology and Bioengineering, Liver, Digestive System and Metabolism and Oncology and Hematology. Specifically in the following groups:

Our own lines of research are based on the study of hematological neoplasms and solid tumors, both related to the mechanisms of the transformation and progression of neoplasms. The lines of research in vascular disorders explore the clinical, genetic, and molecular features of congenital and acquired hemostasis disorder, as well as the mechanisms of endothelial dysfunction.

The impact factor of publications with authors of the Service is more than 200 points per year, according to the IDIBAPS reports.

The Service works closely with the IDIBAPS Biobanks, both the Neurological Tissue Bank and the Tumor Bank.

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