Teaching and training - Psychiatry and Psychology Service

The teaching activity of the Psychiatry and Psychology Service of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona is developed in different areas: undergraduate studies, MIR, PIR and EIR specialties, postgraduate studies and continuing university and non-university training. This training level is always of the highest qualty and under the strict criteria. The main goal is to raise awareness of current mental disorders, taking into account their underlying etiopathogenesis, prevention, and current treatments.


Undergraduate training is part of the Degree in Medicine at the University of Barcelona (UB), attached to the Department of Medicine. The core subject of Psychiatry is carried out by healthcare professionals of the Psychiatry and Psychology Service, who are also professors at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Barcelona.

The Service receives students from the UB Degree in Psychology during clinical psychology internships, as well as students from the UB Degree in Nursing, in their period of mental health internships.

Postgraduate and master's degrees

The Service participates in the Master of Neurosciences (subject of Biological Psychiatrist) and the Master in Clinical and Health Psychology of the UB. It also leads courses in the Master's Degree in Initiation to Mental Health Research.

MIR training

The Service has the accreditation of the National Specialties Program for the training of ten residents a year in:

The training takes place over four years, during which time the resident follows a training program in the Service under the guidelines of the national specialty program. Three Mental Health Nursing nurses are also trained.

EIR Newsletter Mental Health Specialist.

Each year the Service receives, in external rotation (service commission) and for a period of between two and four months, residents of Psychiatry (5), Psychology (2), Pharmacology (1), Neurology (3), Family Medicine (3) and Community Nursing (2). These residents ask to complete their training in the Units and Programs from the Hospital Clínic itself, and from other hospitals in Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain.

Training stays

The Service makes available to foreign healthcare professionals the possibility of being in the Service as a visitor, in a system of stays planned jointly by the Care and Teaching Units. Training periods are limited to a maximum of 6 months, so as not to interfere with the training of resident doctors and psychologists.

Continuing education

The Service also offers training courses through the Aula Clínic. These are courses in which healthcare professionals present the latest diagnostic and therapeutic advances, as well as the updating of general knowledge.

Among the continuing education actions led by the Service are the following:

  • ECNP Workshop on Clinical Research Methods (annual)
  • Bipolar and Depressive Disorders Symposium (annual)

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