Symptoms of Internet Addiction

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Internet addiction may be associated with physical and emotional signs.

Some of the physical signs of Internet addiction disorder include:

Person with hand on temple with headache

Headache, neck-ache or backache.

Irritated red eye

Dry eyes or other sight problems.

Decreased sensation of the ring and little fingers

Carpal tunnel syndrome (disorder of the sensitivity or movement of a part of the hand due to compression of the median nerve).

Person with insomnia


Obesity can be cause and/or risk factor of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Weight change, due loss of eating habits and/or giving up physical activity.

Disheveled person looking in the mirror

Lack of personal hygiene (for example, not bathing in order to stay connected).

The emotional signs of Internet addiction disorder include:

Person with repetitive internet thinking

Continuous thoughts about the activity that is being carried on the Internet.

Person moving arms in front of a computer

Euphoria on using the computer.

Person who does not have wifi and is angry

Anxiety and stress when the Internet cannot be used.

Guilt-ridden woman thinking about the internet

Feelings of guilt due to having been connected for longer than was wished or not having been able to carry out an activity that was planned.

A concerned person with a house in the background


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Substantiated information by:

Eva Varela

Published: 16 October 2019
Updated: 16 October 2019


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