Myths about Addiction to the Internet

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Woman growing older from childhood to old age

Myth. Addiction to the Internet is only a young person’s problem.

Reality. Although addiction to the Internet is more common in adolescents, this problem can affect everybody.

Mobile with different social networks

Myth. All adolescents are hooked on the Internet.

Reality. Although the majority of adolescents use the Internet daily, only some of them have a problem with it. 

Changes in brain neurotransmitter levels

Myth. The internet is less addictive than drugs.

Reality. Research studies suggest that the use of the Internet has effects in the brain similar to consuming drugs.

Person with repetitive internet thinking

Myth. To determine if someone has an addiction to the Internet, the most important thing is to know how long they are connected. 

Reality. Addiction to the Internet is not defined by the amount of hours a person spends on it, but the effect that this use is having on their life.

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Eva Varela

Published: 16 October 2019
Updated: 16 October 2019


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