Treatment of Internet Addiction

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Psychological treatment is currently provided in order to control the Internet addiction. This treatment has as its objective to identify the factors that trigger the addictive behaviour and act on these through improving the abilities of the individual (control of impulses, emotion management, stress coping strategies…).

The outcomes of the therapy are more positive if:

Person with a positive tic that represents acceptance of the disease

The person with problems of addiction to the Internet is motivated and committed to the treatment.

Family with a positive tic representing acceptance of a family member's illness by the family

The people around them (relatives, partner, friends…) participate in the therapy.


There is collaboration between the different professionals involved in the case.

Form with ticked boxes in a folder

They work on the follow-up and prevention of relapses plan.

In some cases, it may be necessary to use drugs to control the accompanying physical or emotional symptoms, like anxiety or insomnia. 

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Eva Varela

Published: 16 October 2019
Updated: 16 October 2019


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