Preventing traveller’s Diarrhoea

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The most effective measure for preventing traveller's diarrhoea consists of following general hygiene and dietary rules:    

Wash hands with water and a bar of soap

Take care of your personal hygiene. Wash your hands before eating, brush your teeth with bottled water and don't drink water from the shower.  

Boiling pot

Eat well-cooked food and avoid raw food such as salads, as well as marinated or smoked foods.  

Wash the fruit and peel it with a knife.

Peel fruit yourself with clean hands.  

Bottled water

Consume bottled drinks, which are opened in front of the consumer, or purify water before drinking it.  

Juicer, Ice and Juice crossed out

Do not consume ice in drinks, artisanal dairy products or fresh fruit juices.  

There is currently no vaccine that fully protects against traveller's diarrhoea. The indication for specific vaccines for some causes of diarrhoea when travelling can be assessed in certain cases, for example vaccines for typhoid fever or cholera.   


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