Endometrial Cancer progression

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Endometrial cancer is usually diagnosed early and usually has good evolution. Surgery is normally necessary, with additional treatments sometimes required. 

Survival is very high when caught in the early stages. For more advanced stages, such as Stage III, survival is 60-80% at 5 years. In the most advanced cases, survival may be 25% at 5 years.  

Prognosis of the disease worsens the more advanced the stage of the disease, or when the disease has spread to other parts of the body, when the 5-year survival rate may be 15%. However, it must be borne in mind that these statistics are population estimates only, and do not represent the evolution of an individual in many cases. 

Complications of radiotherapy treatment

Side effects of endometrial cancer treatment may be acute or chronic. The most frequent side effects occur from the third week of treatment, and disappear during the first month after finishing it. They can be well controlled with specific treatment. They are greatly diminished with modern techniques of adaptive radiotherapy

Acute side effects are usually:  

  • Altered bowel movements (alternating constipation with increased bowel movements).  

  • Alteration in the micturition rhythm. 

Chronic effects are usually not significant and are well controlled with specific treatment. The most frequent is an alteration in depositional rhythm and diarrhoea.  

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Ana Carrión Aliaga
Ariel Glickman
Aureli Torné Bladé
Berta Diaz-Feijoo
Lydia Gaba

Published: 9 March 2022
Updated: 9 March 2022

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