Post-flu recommendations

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Person lying in bed resting

Rest. After being discharge from hospital you may feel tired and not quite fully recovered. The most important thing is to continue resting at home, follow recommendations from the healthcare personnel and adhere to the indicated treatment.

Cigarette crossed out on a "no smoking" poster

Toxic habits. If you smoke, you are strongly recommended to stop and also avoid excessive alcohol consumption. Preferably you shouldn’t drink any alcohol, but if you do, only drink in moderation.

Person drinking a standing glass of water

Diet. There is no special recommendation concerning diet, but it is advisable to drink plenty of fluids to remain hydrated and eat a balanced diet.

Woman doing exercise

Exercise. Flu patients are advised to rest; nevertheless, you should try to follow your normal routine and exercise a little, if possible and provided it is not contraindicated by healthcare personnel. The best solution is to find a balance between periods of rest and activity throughout the day.

Travelling by plane

Travelling. Unless it is an essential journey, you should avoid travelling and rest to recover as quickly as possible.

Substantiated information by:

Anna Llupià
Antoni Trilla
Catia Cillóniz Campos
Gemina Santana

Published: 10 March 2020
Updated: 10 March 2020

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