Lung Cancer research lines

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Clinical trials

Currently, there are numerous potential lung cancer therapies being studied. Clinical trials provide objective and controlled assessment of the activity of these new drugs. Many of these treatments are not yet approved for general care, so clinical trials represent a great opportunity to benefit from these new therapies.

Consult your doctor for specific information about clinical trials or therapies under research, and to find out if you can participate in any of them.

Targeted therapies and molecular markers (or biomarkers)

The most significant advance in recent years has undoubtedly been finding molecular markers (or biomarkers) that make it possible to predict the response to treatment. This is known as precision medicine.

Up to 60% of lung adenocarcinomas are known to have some genetic alteration which is potentially sensitive to targeted treatment. So a complete molecular analysis of the tumour tissue is required.

Currently, many targeted therapies are already available for lung cancer treatment. In addition, it is estimated there will be many other gene therapies available in general care in the coming years.

Early detection

The early detection of lung cancer has been shown to improve survival, which is why many countries have incorporated lung cancer screening for populations at risk, such as smokers or ex-smokers. Radiography is not a very sensitive method for early lung cancer detection Screening is performed by low dose CT.

A lung cancer screening pilot programme is being developed in Spain (CASSANDRA Project) to gather evidence to demonstrate the benefit of low-dose CT screening and its implementation at the national level. The CASSANDRA Project for lung cancer screening will be carried out in more than 20 hospitals representing 14 autonomous communities. The early detection of cancer definitely helps improve recovery from it.

What is Cancer?

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Published: 20 February 2018
Updated: 26 September 2023

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