Prognosis of Ovarian Cancer

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The average five-year survival rate is less than 50%. This rate varies widely according to the stage. If the cancer is diagnosed and treated when it is located only in the ovaries, before it spreads to other parts of the body, the five-year survival rate is about 90%. However, only 25% of women are diagnosed at this early stage. If it has already spread to surrounding organs or tissues, the five-year survival rate is 75%. If it has spread within the peritoneal cavity or affects other organs, such as the liver or lungs, the five-year survival rate is 30%. 

These survival rates are different for the other types of ovarian cancer. Non-epithelial ovarian cancers generally have a better prognosis. For some types, the survival rate is over 90%. Each specific type has its own overall and stage-specific survival rates.   

Substantiated information by:

Lydia Gaba

Published: 3 July 2020
Updated: 3 July 2020

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