Signs and Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

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Ovarian cancer can be difficult to detect in the earliest stages. This is because the symptoms are often poorly defined until the advanced stages of the disease and there is no effective method of early diagnosis.  

Women with ovarian cancer may not have any symptoms or the symptoms may be non-specific, meaning they could be caused by a medical condition other than cancer

Symptoms of ovarian cancer may include: 

Abdominal distention

Abdominal bloating. 

Hands on the belly and pelvic pain

 Pelvic or abdominal pain. 

Closed stomach, lack of appetite and anorexia

Difficulty eating or the sensation of feeling full quickly. 

Woman running to the bathroom

Urinary symptoms, such as an urgent need to urinate or increased frequency of urination. 

Fatigued woman sweating


Woman with tummy ache next to the WC

Stomach upset. 

Abdomen of a person with rays indicating pain


A person on his back with his hand on the back of his neck and pain in his arm

 Back pain

Vaginal pain

 Pain during intercourse. 

Short menstrual cycle indicated on a calendar

Menstrual irregularities. 

Woman with abdominal swelling

 Swelling in the pelvis or abdomen. 

Abundant vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge, which may be clear, white, or blood-tinged. 

If you have any of these symptoms for more than a few weeks, you should consult your primary care physician or gynaecologist.  

Substantiated information by:

Lydia Gaba

Published: 3 July 2020
Updated: 3 July 2020

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