Diagnosis of Psoriasis

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Document with a physical assessment

Physical examination. Psoriasis is mainly diagnosed through a physical exam of the patient. This involves an examination of the naked skin, as lesions may appear in places that are as hard to see as the genitals, armpits, axillary folds, intergluteal cleft, soles of the feet, and scalp. Where there is doubt, it may be necessary to do a skin biopsy.

Clinical examination for diagnosis and testing of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Complete joint examination. If a patient presents joint pain, this must be evaluated by a rheumatologist who should perform a full joint examination.

Tests for diagnosing Psoriasis

Hand with stained fingernails

Physical examination. Psoriasis is diagnosed through the detection of lesions in the skin and nails, it is necessary to physically examine the patient. The form of the lesions and their location determine the type and severity of the psoriasis. There are several scales for assessing the severity of the disease that are useful for evaluating the evolution of the disease and treatment response.

Patient with a skin biopsy examined under the microscope

Skin biopsy. Some cases of psoriasis may raise doubts in the doctor as they can have similar characteristics to other skin diseases, so a skin biopsy may be required.

Blood collection tube

Analysis. Although there is no blood test for diagnosing psoriasis, an analysis can be carried out, where a systemic treatment is considered, to verify that there are no contraindications. Blood tests may also be undertaken during treatment to check that there are no adverse effects to the medication recommended.

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Published: 22 February 2019
Updated: 22 February 2019

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