Diagnosing refractive errors

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Optometric chart

Visual acuity examination. This measures the ability to see objects at different distances (close/far). Test lenses are used to achieve the best grading.

Eye drops

Visual acuity with cycloplegia. Drops are used to paralyse the muscle responsible for adjusting the lens to check real grading. This test is very useful in children. It causes temporary itching when it is applied, and the dilation of the pupil, which lasts 12-24 hours, can cause light sensitivity, meaning driving is not recommended on the same day. 

Slit lamp

Complete ophthalmological examination, including back of the eye, to rule out complications associated with refractive errors. 

Topografía corneal prueba

Corneal topography. This is a non-invasive test that takes just seconds, and shows the shape of the cornea, the eye’s main natural lens. 

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Jorge Peraza Nieves
Mireia Hereu

Published: 21 October 2020
Updated: 21 October 2020


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