Living with refractive errors

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Patients with refractive errors should visit their ophthalmologist once a year. If associated complications arise, the visits will be done on a more regular basis (3-4 times a year). 

Consejos para cuidar los ojos

avellanas, frutos secos

Eat a diet rich in vitamins A, C, E and antioxidants. This allows the cells of the retina and the ocular surface to function well. 

Persona frotándose los ojos

Proper ocular hygiene prevents infections such as conjunctivitis and keratitis (inflammation of the cornea). You should avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands.  


Use approved sunglasses to protect the eyes from the aggression of ultraviolet rays. 

Glasses with a tick indicating that they are correct

Wear glasses with the correct grading in order to prevent strain when focusing, in order to avoid headaches, fatigue, strabismus (cross eyes) and amblyopia (lazy eye). 

Eye drops

Lubricating frequently with artificial tears helps to renew the corneal epithelium, the eye’s most superficial layer. This is recommended in women who are around the age of menopause. 

Floating bodies in the eye, flies

Seek urgent medical attention when patients with high myopia see floaters or flashes of light, as this can be a warning sign of the holes in the retina that precede detachment. 

Eye care following laser surgery

Limit the number of activities.

Limit activities. You should limit activity for a short time after laser surgery and avoid certain activities such as driving for one or two days after the procedure.

Persona frotándose los ojos

Do not rub your eyes for a week after the procedure. If you are concerned about rubbing or knocking your eyes while you sleep, you can use protective glasses. 

Eye drops

Avoid getting water in your eyes for the first two or three weeks after the procedure. Water, even in the bath or shower, transports bacteria that can cause an eye infection during the healing process. If you need to clean the eye area, you are advised to moisten a piece of gauze with saline solution, close the eyes and gently dab the area around the eyes. 

Gotas, colirio

Carefully follow the guidelines of all anti-inflammatory and antibacterial medicines prescribed, and frequently use preservative-free artificial tears with hyaluronic acid. Many LASIK patients experience dryness in the eyes after the procedure.

Eye care in children and those aged 40 and over

Bebé que ve colores

At approximately six weeks old, babies should be able to follow something colourful with their eyes, or smile at someone who is not calling them to grab their attention. It should be observed whether there is some drift or repetitive movement in the direction of the gaze. If this is the case, see a specialist.  

Children should see an ophthalmologist when: 

Desviación de un ojo para adentro y otro para fuera

An eye drifts inwards or outwards. 

Persona frotándose los ojos con frecuencia

They regularly rub their eyes. 


There is excessive watering. 

Menor sentado muy cerca de la televisiónç

They sit very close to the television and squint. 

Blurred landscape depicting a blurred vision

They complain of blurry vision. 

Persona parpadea de manera frecuente

They blink often. 

Person with hand on temple, headache

They have unexplained headaches, a lack of concentration and behavioural problems. 

From 40 years of age, you should see an ophthalmologist in cases of: 

Visión borrosa de objetos cercanos

Blurry vision when focusing on near objects, or the need to move them further away to see them clearly. 

Ojo cansado. Fatiga visual

Visual fatigue. 

Ojo con reducción del campo visula

Reduced visual field. 

Mancha central en el campo visual

A spot in the middle of the visual field. 

Substantiated information by:

Jorge Peraza Nieves
Mireia Hereu

Published: 21 October 2020
Updated: 21 October 2020


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