Línies de recerca

  • Molecular pathology of B-cell neoplasms

    Directed by Elías Campo

    To characterize the molecular alterations involved in the development and progression of lymphoid neoplasms, particularly chronic lymphocytic leukemia and mantle cell lymphoma,  and to identify parameters that may improve the diagnosis of these disease, stratify patients according to biological risk, and define possible therapeutic targets. 

  • Oncogene mediated genome instability and transcriptional stress in the progression of lymphoid neoplasms

    Directed by Pedro Jares

    Our research focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms behind the genomic instability and transcriptional dysregulation determined by oncogene activation in the development and progression of lymphoid neoplasms and define possible therapeutically targetable molecular vulnerabilities. For addressing these cancer biology topics, we combine omics technologies, molecular and cellular biology approaches, together with the use of primary tumor samples. 

  • Non-coding RNA alterations in the pathogenesis on B-cell lymphoid neoplasms

    Directed by Lluis Hernández

    We focus on finding non-coding RNAs (mainly microRNAs and long non-coding RNAs) as biomarkers of interest in the clinical setting as to characterize their role in the regulation of key coding genes in the lymphoma pathogenesis in order to find new therapeutic targets. Our technical approaches include transcriptomic profiling on in vitro experimental models from established B-cell lines and primary samples,  as well as the silencing of relevant non-coding RNA candidates and the measure of their phenotypic impact on cell proliferation and viability.

  • Genomic alterations in aggressive large B-cell lymphoma

    Directed by Silvia Beà

    To comprehensively characterize the genetic and molecular profiles of aggressive B-cell lymphomas in order to identify accurate and useful diagnostic, prognostic and predictive biomarkers. We study the mechanisms of transformation from low-grade to high-grade lymphomas and perform genomic/transcriptomic characterization of mantle cell lymphomas from clinical trials by using several omics techniques.