Causes and Risk Factors of Allergy

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It is important to highlight that no one is born with an allergy, but it develops at a particular time of life that can vary from infancy to adult age. There are genetic factors, such as having allergic parents or siblings, that predispose to the appearance of the allergy. There are also environmental factors that, together with a genetic predisposition, increase the risk of allergy. So there is no single factor that explains the development of the allergy.

Factory with a smoky, polluting chimney

Environmental contamination, lifestyle, and diet are some of the “environmental” factors that play an important role. 

DNA molecule or helix

The microbiome (microorganisms that are found in the organism) can be a factor that is unique to the genetic predisposition for the development of the allergy.

What age does the allergy develop?

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Joan Bartra Tomàs
Rosa Maria Muñoz Cano

Published: 24 July 2019
Updated: 24 July 2019

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