Prevention of Back Pain

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To maintain a strong and healthy back it is recommended:

Woman swimming

Exercise. The regular performing of low impact aerobic activities (walking or swimming) improves the strength, resistance, and functioning of the muscles. It is important to consult with health professionals on the recommended activities for each case.

Woman exercising to strengthen abdominal and back muscles

Develop muscular strength and flexibility. The exercises for the muscles of the abdomen and back, which strengthen the middle area of the body, help to develop these muscles so that they function like a natural girdle/cummerbund for the back. The flexibility of the hips and in the upper part of the legs align the pelvic bones in order to improve the position of the back. The health professionals must indicate the suitable personalized exercises.

Scale indicating correct weight

Healthy weight. Overweight exerts pressure on the back muscles. If there is overweight, slimming can prevent back pain.

Cigarette crossed out on a "no smoking" poster

Stop smoking.

Maintain a good postural hygiene and to use the body adequately prevents pressure on the back:

Woman stands upright from a chair

Maintain an upright posture. It is important not to stoop and maintain a neutral pelvic position. A good posture can reduce the stress on the back muscles.

Woman seated in chair with upright posture

Sit in an upright position. The seat must have good support for the back, arm rests, and a revolving base. Placing a pillow or rolled-up towel in the lower back area can help maintain a normal curvature. It is important to keep the knees and hips at the same level. Change position often, with a minimum of every half-hour.

Woman stands upright from a chair

Getting up erect. Avoid, where possible, to lift heavy objects. Look for someone to lift a heavy or an awkward object. If there is no other choice, the legs must do the work. Keep the back straight (not twisted) and only bend the knees. The object must be near the body.

Substantiated information by:

José Poblete Carrizo
Salvador Fuster

Published: 23 October 2019
Updated: 23 October 2019

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