Symptoms of Chronic Urticaria

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Person with pimples

Wheals. Raised lesions of different sizes (from two millimetres to the formation of plaques) which are itchy or have a burning sensation, or that often present reddening of the surrounding skin (erythema). The wheals disappear in less than 24 hours, but they can reappear in a different place.  

Drooping eyelid

Angioedema. Injury affecting the deeper layers of the skin. Consists of swelling of areas of soft skin such as lips and eyelids. This swelling can be so intense that it can cause total deformation of the area where it appears. It tends to disappear in around 48-72 hours.  

What is an allergy?

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Paula Ribó Gonzalez

Published: 25 May 2020
Updated: 25 May 2020

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