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  • 1-Which is the role of translational control of gene expression in liver disease and cancer?

    To understand the molecular mechanisms involved in the development and progression of liver disease and cancer, with a focus on the aberrant reprogramming of posttranscriptional regulatory patterns. This will allow us to identify new therapeutic targets and diagnostic biomarkers for the treatment of patients.

  • 2-What is the significance and underlying mechanisms linking obesity with liver disease and cancer?

    To decipher mechanisms underpinning the detrimental impact of obesity in liver disease and cancer. This knowledge is crucial for advancements in treatment strategies for patients. 

  • 3-How does deregulation of pathways that control angiogenesis contribute to progression of liver disease and cancer?

    To define the molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate/dysregulate angiogenesis in liver disease and cancer and define their functional relevance and clinical therapeutic potential.