Línies de recerca

  • Functional aspects of the hospital Emergency departments

    This line of research studies the incorporation of the LEAN methodology or “LEAN thinking” in the Emergency department. The use of tools and methods for continuous quality improvement that favour continuous learning and change. 

  • Acute heart failure

    This line has the aim of providing scientific evidence in patients with acute heart faliure (AHF) who consult in the emergency department. In one hand developing additional  tools to stratify patients with AHF and in the other to optimise the medical treatment.

  • Evaluation of chest pain in the emergency department

    Chest pain is one of the most freqüent complains in the emergency department, with etiologies that can range from banal to life-threatening pathologies, being the most freqüent one ischemic heart disease. The devolpement of new biomarkers to improve the diagnostic accuracy is one of the main lines of investigation in this field.

  • Clinical aspects of intoxicated patients and medical care for problems caused by drug abuse

    This research is focused on the study of patients intoxicated by both medicines and abuse drugs whose consumption is increasing progressively in recent years, especially cannabis and cocaine.

  • Attention to infectious diseases in emergency departments

    Infectious diseases are very prevalent in the Emergency department, often associated a difficulties in the diagnostic. The developement of biomarkers that help diagnosis and tools to predict the need for adminision are areas of great importance.

  • Diffusion of the teaching of cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers among the general population

    It is an area that aims to incorporate cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers from schools and extend it to the entire population. Paying attention to teaching methods and learning process.

  • Dynamics of teaching and research in Emergency Medicine

    It promotes the development of emergency research and the transmission of knowledge that is carried out by other teams in different countries with the aim of achieving a network of collaboration.