Adverse effects of the Immunotherapy

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Immunotherapy can produce side effects due to the increased stimulation of the immune system which can mistakenly identify the body’s own tissues and organs as foreign and therefore develop inflammation at these sites. This response is called autoimmunity. Its side effects are milder than those caused by chemotherapy. The most common ones are:

Diarrea, estreñimiento, mujer


Nauseas, vómitos, mujer


Dryness of mouth.

Mouth ulcers.

Persistent cough

Cough, difficulty breathing.

Bone pain

Muscle/joint pain.



itchy skin

Skin rash and itchiness. Changes in skin colour.

Irritated eye

Dry eye.

intestinal rhythm alterations

Endocrine alterations.

Substantiated information by:

Albert Tuca Rodríguez
Aleix Prat Aparicio
Francesc Balaguer Prunes
Meritxell Mollà Armandà
Montserrat Valverde Bosch
Vanessa Vilas
Álvaro Urbano Ispizua

Published: 12 November 2018
Updated: 20 November 2018


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