Signs and symptoms of Cancer

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The signs and symptoms caused by cancer vary according to the part of the body affected and they are often nonspecific.


Changes in weight, for example, unintentional weight gain or loss.

thermometer fever

Persistent night sweats or fever with no apparent cause.

Appearance of fatigue

Fatigue or tiredness that does not improve with rest.

Bone pain

Persistent joint or muscle pain with no apparent cause.

People with  jaundice, yellow skin

Changes to the skin such as yellowish colouration (jaundice), darkening (hyperpigmentation) or reddening of the skin (erythema), sores that do not cure or changes to pre-existing moles or warts.

lump nodule breast

A lump, hardening or swelling that can be felt underneath the skin.

Woman running to the bathroom

Changes to bladder or bowel emptying habits.

Person with persistent cough

Persistent cough or difficulty breathing.

Ronquera, ronquidos, roncar


dysphagia, difficulty to swallow

Difficulty swallowing.

intestinal rhythm alterations

Persistent indigestion or discomfort after eating.

sangrado rectal

Unusual bleeding (vaginal, in excrement, when coughing, from a nipple) or bruising with no apparent cause.

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Published: 12 November 2018
Updated: 20 November 2018


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