Living with Headache

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Once secondary headaches are ruled out or treated, the majority of primary headaches can be controlled.

How to control Cephalagia at home?

There are measures that can be taken to control headaches at home, especially migraines or tension headaches. In this sense, you should try and treat the symptoms immediately, although without abusing the medication.

  • Rest in a quiet and dark room.
  • Place a cold cloth over the head.
  • Use any relaxation technique that you have learned.
  • Make a diary of the headaches to define their characteristics and to identify the triggers. It is recommended to note the following details:
    • The date and time in which it started.
    • If it had any relationship with a drug or food. Any other symptoms that accompanied the pain.
    • Sleep hours, many or few.
    • The duration of the headache and what stopped it.

How to prevent Cephalalgia?

There are ways of preventing a headache from developing further than it should; these are some of the recommendations:

Carrying out different activities

Try to lead an orderly life.

Woman doing exercise

Perform physical exercise regularly.

Food pyramid

Have healthy eating habits such as eating more fruit and vegetables and avoiding fats.

Beer mug and joint crossed out; no drug consumption

Avoid alcohol and tobacco.

Mug with hot drink crossed out

Avoid abuse of medication and caffeine.

Doctor talking to a patient

Request medical attention if you are feeling down or experiencing any change in the characteristics of the headache.

Substantiated information by:

Neus Fabregat i Fabra
Víctor Obach Baurier

Published: 16 May 2018
Updated: 16 May 2018


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