Symptoms of Headache

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The pain can be located in one part of the head or may affect the whole head in general. The intensity of the pain is usually moderate or severe, and can sometimes be disabling for the patient, forcing them to go to bed and stop all their activities. The frequency of the episodes is variable, varying between one and four or five a month. The duration of a migraine attack generally does not exceed 24 hours, although they can be very short (three or four hours), or very long (up to three days).

The type of pain experienced with cephalalgia can be:

Person with hand on temple, headache

Electric pain (shock).

arrows indicating head pressure, helmet

Oppressive pain (like in a helmet).

Headache, graphic heartbeat

Pulsatile pain (like a beat).

Headache, waves

Piercing pain (like a drill)

Headache, explosion

Explosive pain.

In visible form, the following symptoms may be detected:

Drooping eyelid

Eyelids more closed (palpebral oedema).

Woman with half-closed eyes

Droopy eyelids.

Eye with dilated pupil and the other eye with normal pupil

Differences between pupil dilation (anisocoria).

Person with a tear, crying

Watery eyes.

Irritated red eye

Reddening of eyes.



Woman vomiting into the toilet

Nausea and vomiting.

There are certain symptoms that require a practically immediate visit to the doctor:

27/5000 Blurred and dotted vision

Changes in vision such as black spots, bright lights, visual distortion, double vision, etcetera.

Man with inability or difficulty to speak

Weakness in a limb, problems in talking.

Man with arm and leg marked

Sensation of pins and needles in arms and legs.

Man with skin blemishes

Skin eruptions.

Woman trembling with motor instability

Dizziness or instability on standing.

Woman with a normal eye and the other swollen

Droopy eyelids or changes in the size of the pupils.

Pain in the neck

Neck stiffness.

Headache and vomiting

Vomiting that cannot be stopped (uncontrollable).

Substantiated information by:

Neus Fabregat i Fabra
Víctor Obach Baurier

Published: 16 May 2018
Updated: 16 May 2018


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