The research led by the Nursing Department is channeled through the 'Transversal Research Groups Area' and is developed in the 'Nursing Research' group.

The research is focused on 5 transversal lines:

  • Quality / Safety (falls, medication, indicators, sores)
  • Prevention
  • Pain
  • Therapeutic Education / Training (training for caregivers, patients and staff)
  • Power of attorney

… and 6 specific lines:

  • Physical activity and rehabilitation (Metabolism, obesity)
  • Maternity (Obesity and pregnancy, breastfeeding, mindfulness)
  • Mental health (Dementia, cognition and psychosocial care)
  • Oncology patient care (emergency)
  • Transitions (ICUs, Integrated Attention)
  • Chronicity (diabetes, heart failure, pulmonary hypertension)

There are currently 189 active research projects with 77 published articles. 25 healthcare professionals with a Doctorate degree participate in the Management.

At the same time, the role of the research committee should be highlighted; it collaborates in consolidating the research support structure within the Nursing Directorate to increase the number of scientific activities and productions. Its aim is to stimulate all research among healthcare professionals.

The Nursing Department organizes two annual Conferences open to the public:

  • International Nursing Day. This event includes the presentation of the innovative capsules in Health and awarding of prizes, the presentation of the annual PERIS Intensification beneficiaries, the Delivery of the Hospital's Sabbatical Leave and the Delivery of the MSD Intensification Scholarship.
  • Annual meeting of healthcare professionals in the Nursing Department. This is where debate tables are organized, visibility is given to the scientific work of professionals and professionals are valued within the organization.

Scholarships and grants from the Nursing Department

  • Barnaclínic Sabbatical Leave – Endowment: €80,000. The Scholarship grants Sabbatical Leaves for stays abroad for staff of the Nursing Department.
  • Intensification La Pedrera - Clinic: Endowment: €30,000 To promote translational research. To transfer research results to clinical practice as quickly as possible, a program is being developed to intensify research activity for the staff of the Nursing Department. This program aims to promote research to contribute to scientifically improving patient and family care. The Scholarship facilitates the dedication of these professionals to the research activity, through the part-time release of the care burden and the granting of a research contract of 50% exclusive dedication to the aforementioned activity, for a period of 1 year.
  • MSD Intensification: Endowment: €16,000. The MSD company dedicates its work to the field of research, development and marketing of pharmaceutical products and provides innovative services to improve health, with an interest in developing initiatives that can contribute to improving health outcomes and the quality of life of patients, while working together with health professionals. This is why there have ben calls for an "MSD-Hospital Clínic Nursing Research Intensification Grant" endowed with €16,000.
  • MSD Final Rsidency Award: Endowment: €2,000. An award for the best resident of the year.
  • Innovative Capsules: Endowment: €3,400. The Technical Committee and the Research and Innovation Commission of the Nursing Directorate promote and convene the Award for the Best Innovative Capsule in Health. The objective of the award is to identify and disseminate innovative initiatives developed in clinical practice and framed within our Clinical Nurse Model. Aimed at improving the quality of care from the healthcare, teaching, research or management dimensions.