The Nursing Directorate is made up of the management team, the Technical Committee of the Nursing Directorate (CTDI), care coordinators, patient managers, clinical nurses, advanced role nurses and all the healthcare professionals who make up the Directorate.

The current organizational chart of the Nursing Directorate reveals a structure that emphasizes transversality between the different institutes, areas and centers of the Hospital Clínic. This makes it possible to have a comprehensive and integrative vision of the organization and respond to the needs of the different healthcare professionals and society in general. In the same way, this organizational chart allows the empowerment of the Institutes to be maintained as leading areas of knowledge.

The Directorate is structured in the following areas:

  • Area of processes and professional activity. Together with the Directorate for People, the area of professional activity leads the processes linked to careers, selection, mobility, promotion, recruitment of talent and new professionals.
  • Teaching and research area. The teaching and research area manages the lines of research and scientific production, the research commission and the days of the Nursing Conferences. It also coordinates the clinical stays of students in training.
  • Teams and knowledge management area. The team and knowledge management area is responsible for the healthcare teams of the Nursing Department, the continuous training of professionals, the professional promotion system (SPP) for health technicians and assistants, the professional protection program (PRO3) and the Management of the Vocational Training School.
  • Technical Area. The Technical Area supports the design, development, implementation and monitoring of transversal care projects of the Nursing Department. It is aimed at improving the efficiency of processes, clinical circuits and control of results.

Other structures of the Nursing Directorate:

The Nursing Directorate of the Hospital Clínic participates on different committees and commissions and on the Committee of Nursing Delegates, which is the representative body of doctors with diplomas and/or degrees (nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, podiatrists, social workers, social educators, speech therapists, occupational therapists, dietitians/nutritionists, optometrists and others) from the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona. It represents and defends the applications of the diplomas and degrees of the Clinical Hospital by transmitting them to the relevant bodies. Likewise, it facilitates the dissemination of information from the various committees/commissions and management bodies.


Mercoranking's Health Reputation Monitor and the General Nursing Council have recognized the nursing team of our Hospital, for their contribution to the leadership reputation achieved by the Hospital in public health in 2018, as well as the Nursing Directorate.