Nurse Model

The Clinical Nurse Model fully supports a vision of trust to provide the highest quality patient care, along with excellence in education and first-rate research. Its objectives are:

  • Care focused on empowering the patients and their families.
  • The application of best practices based on scientific evidence.
  • The promotion of effective communication between healthcare professionals and the person being treated.
  • Leadership based on the development of professional competence.
  • The intensive use of information technologies.

The Clínic Nurse model provides a unique frame of reference for the different professions of the Nursing Department, which includes nurses, social workers, social educators, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, podiatrists, optometrists, speech therapists, advanced level technicians, care technicians, nursing assistants and health assistants, among others.

Within each Institute, Center or Area there are common and transversal figures that help to enhance the quality of the organization's actions, staff learning and more effective internal communication. They are the following:

Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs)

Apart from nursing practice in hospital rooms, new advanced nursing practice roles are increasingly being identified. Specialization, advanced training and expertise are considered fundamental for the development and implementation of new roles and are key to providing and improving care and continuity of care.

Patient managers:

The Patient Management Site was created in a pioneering way with the Prisma Project in 1996, which consisted of a decentralized, autonomous management with a radical redesign of the Hospital oriented and focused on the patient, giving rise to the Clinical Institutes. Patient management nurses manage patients' intra- and extra-hospital processes.

Clinical nurses:

The clinical nurse has the role of accompanying, facilitating and supporting nursing professionals in order to guarantee the quality and safety of care.