Línies de recerca

  • The multifaceted mitochondria: obesity, diabetes and beyond

    We have several projects aimed at understanding neuron-type specific mitochondrial biology, from many different angles (dynamics, neurosteroid production, reactive oxygen species release, proteostasis, etc.), and its impact in systemic metabolism and cognitive function. 

  • Feeding behavior and emotions

    We have an original line of research investigating the connection between appetitive behaviours, emotions and social interactions.

  • Endothelial cells: new players in metabolic disorders

    We are also interested in understanding the influence of endothelial cells in systemic metabolic control and in the development of obesity and diabetes.

  • Cell-type specific epigenetics and obesity

    We use cutting-edge genetic models to unravel the epigenetic landscape of specific subpopulations of neurons under obesogenic conditions and other detrimental environmental stimuli.

  • Eating patterns during pregnancy and hypothalamic programming

    We are actively investigating how changes in eating patterns or consumption of obesogenic diets during pregnancy alter neuronal circuits and affect metabolic health of the offspring.